Normalized OS

The OS names and versions received in telemetry is not necessarily the accepted common name. The normalized_os_name and normalized_os_version tables in the static dataset serve as a lookup table for mapping the telemetry name to the common name.

OS Names

For OS names, Mac clients send Darwin, Windows clients send Windows_NT, and Linux may send the distribution name. Pings should already have a normalized_os field that corrects this. The normalized_os_name table exists as an alternative lookup table.

Example query:

  ON ( = os_name)

OS Versions

OS versions for some OS's are not properly normalized in telemetry. For example, the version reported by Mac clients is the Darwin version instead of the MacOS version and the version reported by Android Fennec clients is the Android SDK version instead of the Android version. The normalized_os_version table can be used to map the sent version to the "display version" of the OS.

The table uses a regular expression to look up the OS version so REGEXP_CONTAINS should be used. An example query can be found in STMO#67040.