Additional Properties

If some field is present in a valid received ping, but is not present in the ping's schema, it doesn't have its own column to be placed into during ingestion. Instead, those fields remain as raw JSON and are placed in the additional_properties column of the ping's table or view.

This can happen for a variety of usually-temporary problems like:

Until the problem is fixed, any ingested pings with these "unknown" data in them will place that data in the additional_properties column. The rows of this dataset will always have these data in the additional_properties column, even after the dataset has been updated to add the column.

To access data that's been put into the additional_properties column, you'll have to parse the JSON. Be aware that when you access the additional_properties field, BigQuery has to read the entire contents, even if you're extracting just a single field. In the case of main pings, additional_properties can be quite large, leading to expensive queries.


At the beginning of February 2021, schema deploys were delayed. So to access the newly-added parent-process Firefox Desktop probes telemetry.generated_new_client_id, telemetry.state_file_save_errors, and telemetry.loaded_client_id_doesnt_match_pref, we needed to locate where they would be in the payload, and use JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR to extract the scalar (in both a JSON and Telemetry sense of the word "scalar") values.

    JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(additional_properties, "$.payload.processes.parent.scalars['telemetry.generated_new_client_id']") AS generated_new_client_id,
    JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(additional_properties, "$.payload.processes.parent.scalars['telemetry.state_file_save_errors']") AS state_file_save_errors,
    JSON_EXTRACT_SCALAR(additional_properties, "$.payload.processes.parent.scalars['telemetry.loaded_client_id_doesnt_match_pref']") AS loaded_client_id_doesnt_match_pref, AS profile_subsession_counter
FROM mozdata.telemetry.main_nightly
    submission_timestamp > '2021-02-02'
    AND application.build_id >= '20210202095107' -- First nightly with measure 20210202095107