Urlbar Events Daily

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The urlbar_events_daily table, derived from urlbar_events, which in turn is derived from Glean urlbar events, provides a daily aggregate table across the different user interactions with the urlbar. This data is Desktop-only.

Details on the urlbar_events table can be found here.

More details about the urlbar can be found here.

Use Case

The aim of this table is to provide easy-to-use information to our Business Development partners and Product Management stakeholders. This table gives them accurate, up-to-date, easily accessible data.

This table will also power related dashboards in Looker. Its aim is to speed up processing and display time for dependent dashboards.

Urlbar events daily table


This table is grouped by the following dimensions:

  • submission_date
  • normalized_country_code
  • normalized_channel
  • firefox_suggest_enabled
  • sponsored_suggestions_enabled
  • product_result_type

These are the aggregates counts that are available in this table:

  • urlbar_impressions
  • urlbar_clicks
  • urlbar_annoyances
  • urlbar_sessions

For more information about the exact definition for these metrics, please visit here


This dataset is scheduled on Airflow and updated daily.


The data is partitioned by submission_date.

Code reference

This table is created from the following query.