Profile History

A profile's history is simply the progression of that profile's subsessions over its lifetime. We can see this in our main pings by checking:

  • profile_subsession_counter
    • A counter which starts at 1 on the very first run of a profile and increments for each subsession. This counter will be reset to 1 if a user resets / refreshes their profile.
  • subsession_start_date
    • The date and time the subsession starts in, truncated to hours. This field is not always reliable due to local clock skew.
  • previous_subsession_id
    • The ID of the previous subsession. Will be null for the very first subsession, or the first subsession after a user resets / refreshes their profile.
  • subsession_id
    • The ID of the current subsession.
  • submission_date_s3
    • The date we received the ping. This date is sourced from the server's time and reliable.
  • profile_reset_date
    • The date the profile was reset. Will be null if the profile was not reset.

This is a nice clean example of profile history. It has a clear starting ping and it progresses linearly, with each subsession connecting to the next via subsession_id. However, due to the fact that profiles can be shared across machines, and restored manually, etc. strange behaviors can arise (see Real World Usage).

Profile History Start Conditions

Under normal assumptions, we expect to see the starting ping in a profile's history in our telemetry data. The starting ping in the profile's history is the ping from their very first subsession. We expect this ping to have profile_subsession_counter = 1 and previous_subsession_id is null and profile_reset_date is null.

However, not all profiles appear in our data with a starting ping and instead appear to us mid-history.

History Has Beginning

As you can see, this profile starts with a ping where profile_subsession_counter = 1 and previous_subsession_id is null.

History Has No Beginning

In this example, the profile simply appears in our data mid-history, with presumably the 25th subsession in it's history. Its previous history is a mystery.

Profile History Progression Events

After a profile appears, in 'normal' conditions, there should be a linear, straightforward progression with each subsession linking to the next.

However, the following abnormal events can occur.

History Gap

There is a gap in the profile history.

It's possible this behavior is due to dropped pings.

Here, we see a gap between the 30th ping and the 41st ping and the 44th ping.

History Splits

The history of a profile splits, and after a single subsession, there are two (or more) subsessions that link back to it.

This is probably due to cloned machines or disk image restores. Note, after the profile splits, the two branches might continue concurrently or one branch might die while the other continues. It is very hard to distinguish between the different branches of the same profile.

  • Profile begins

  • Profile splits: branch 1

  • Profile splits: branch 2

In this example, the profile history starts normally, but on the 5th ping, the history splits into two branches that seem to progress concurrently.

History Restarts

The history of a profile suddenly starts over, with a brand new starting ping.

  • Profile begins

  • Profile restarts

Here, we see the profile start their history normally, but then they begin a new, totally unconnected branch with a starting ping that is not the same as the original starting ping (different subsession_ids).

History Reruns

(Work in Progress)

How to Order History

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