Sponsored Tiles


Firefox Sponsored Tiles is an advertising-based feature available on the new tab of both desktop and mobile Firefox browsers. This feature populates the new tab's Top Sites section with up to two Sponsored Tiles. These Sponsored Tiles display a company logo and link to the company website. Mozilla's Contile serves the advertisements and may refresh the advertisers every 15 minutes. Each click on a Sponsored Tile generates revenue for Mozilla.

Data Usage Considerations

Mozillians may access Sponsored Tiles data when advertiser information is not attached. This includes metrics such as Sponsored Tile impressions, clicks, dismissals, and disablement. Sponsored Tiles is an important component of new tab user behavior and a growing source of revenue. Therefore, it is encouraged to monitor Sponsored Tile engagement metrics in do no harm experiments testing changes to the new tab.

Access to Sponsored Tiles data by advertiser is restricted to members of the contextual services working group. These restrictions are designed to protect user privacy, preventing excessive access to data which links a given client to their interactions with different advertisers. For more information on requesting access, see comment here.

Big Query Tables and Looker Explores

Note: gotchas with historical Sponsored Tiles revenue data are outlined here.

Access-restriction(s)Big Query TableLooker ExploreDescription
All Mozillianstelemetry.sponsored_tiles_clients_dailyFirefox Desktop > Sponsored Tiles Clients DailyWorkhorse dataset for Sponsored Tiles, includes desktop and mobile data. All new Sponsored Tiles metrics are added to this table. Does not include advertiser data.
All Mozillianstelemetry.newtabFirefox Desktop > NewtabExpanded newtab desktop dataset. Requires unnesting events.
All Mozillianstelemetry.newtab_interactionsFirefox Desktop > New Tab InteractionsIn-development dataset for basic analyses. Available metrics are limited to desktop clicks and impressions.
Contextual Servicescontextual_services.event_aggregatesContextual Services > Event AggregatesDataset with Sponsored Tiles and Suggest analyses by advertiser. No longer maintained. Instead use the derived event_aggregates_[product] datasets.
Contextual Servicescontextual_services.event_aggregates_spons_tilesContextual Services > Event Aggregates Spons TilesWorkhorse dataset for Sponsored Tiles analyses by advertiser.
Contextual Servicescontextual_services_derived.adm_forecastingContextual Services > AdM ForecastingDataset with required components for Sponsored Tiles and Suggest revenue forecasts.
Contextual Services, Revenuecontextual_services.event_aggregates x revenue.revenue_dataRevenue > AdM Revenue with TelemetryRevenue information combined with usage metrics. This dataset is useful for CPC analyses.