Reporting a problem

If you see a problem with data tools, datasets, or other pieces of infrastructure, report it!

Defects in the data platform and tools are tracked in Bugzilla in the Data Platform and Tools product.

Bugs need to be filed in the closest-matching component in the Data Platform and Tools product. If you are not able to locate an appropriate component for the item in question, file an issue in the General component.

Components are triaged at least weekly by the component owner(s). For any issues that need urgent attention, it is recommended that you use the needinfo flag to attract attention from a specific person. If an issue does not receive the appropriate attention in a week (or it is urgent), see getting help.

When a bug is triaged, it is assigned a priority and points. Priorities are processed as follows:

  • P1: in active development in the current sprint
  • P2: planned to be worked on in the current quarter
  • P3: planned to be worked on next quarter
  • P4 and beyond: nice to have, would accept a patch, but not actively being worked on.

Points reflect the amount of effort that is required for a bug. They are assigned as follows:

  • 1 point: one day or less of effort
  • 2 points: two days of effort
  • 3 points: three days to a week of effort
  • 5 points or more: SO MUCH EFFORT, major project.

Problems with the data

There are Bugzilla components for several core datasets, as described in this documentation. If at all possible, assign a specific component to the issue.

If there is an issue with a dataset to which you are unable to assign its own component, file an issue in the Datasets: General component.

Problems with tools

There are Bugzilla components for several of the tools that comprise the Data Platform. File a bug in the specific component that most closely matches the tool in question.

Operational issues, such as services being unavailable, need to be filed in the Data SRE Jira Project.

  • The ticket should contain the following information:
    • Service details
    • Steps to reproduce
    • Impact to users

Other issues

When in doubt, file issues in the General component.