This dataset records facts about individual commits to the Firefox source tree in the mozilla-central source code repository.

Data Reference

The dataset is accessible via STMO. Use the eng_workflow_hgpush_parquet_v1 table with the Athena data source. (The Presto data source is also available, but much slower.)

Field Types and Descriptions

See the hgpush ping schema for a description of available fields.

Be careful to:

  • Use the latest schema version. e.g. v1. Browse the hgpush schema directory in the GitHub repo to be sure.
  • Change dataset field names from camelCaseNames to under_score_names in STMO. e.g. reviewSystemUsed in the ping schema becomes review_system_used in STMO.

Example Queries

Select the number of commits with an 'unknown' review system in the last 7 days:

    review_system_used = 'unknown'
    and date_diff('day', from_unixtime(push_date), now()) < 7

Code Reference

The dataset is populated via the Commit Telemetry Service.