First Shutdown Summary


The first_shutdown_summary table is a summary of the first-shutdown ping.


The first shutdown ping contains first session usage data. The dataset has rows similar to the telemetry_new_profile_parquet, but in the shape of main_summary.

Background and Caveats

Ping latency was reduced through the shutdown ping-sender mechanism in Firefox 55. To maintain consistent historical behavior, the first main ping is not sent until the second start up. In Firefox 57, a separate first-shutdown ping was created to evaluate first-shutdown behavior while maintaining backwards compatibility.

In many cases, the first-shutdown ping is a duplicate of the main ping. The first-shutdown summary can be used in conjunction with the main summary by taking the union and deduplicating on the document_id.

Accessing the Data

The data can be accessed as first_shutdown_summary.

The data is backfilled to 2017-09-22, the date of its first nightly appearance. This data should be available to all releases on and after Firefox 57.