Documentation Structure

The directory structure should feel comfortable to anyone who is familiar with the data platform:

   |--datasets - contains dataset level documentation
   |--tools - contains tool level documentation
   |--concepts - contains tutorials meant to introduce a new concept to the reader
   |--cookbooks - focused code examples for reference

This documentation is meant to take the reader from beginner to expert.

  • Getting Started: Introduce concepts and provides information on how to perform and complete a simple analysis, so the user understands the amount of work involved and what the data platform feels like. Primarily intended for people new to Mozilla's data platform.
  • Tutorials & Cookbooks: Guides on how to perform specific tasks. Intended for all audiences.
  • Reference material: In-depth reference material on metrics and the data platform. Intended primarily for more advanced users.

This document's structure is heavily influenced by Django's Documentation Style Guide.