Telemetry Aggregates Reference


The telemetry_aggregates dataset is a daily aggregation of the pings, aggregating the histograms across a set of dimensions.

Rows and Columns

There's one column for each of the dimensions and the histogram and each row is a distinct set of dimensions, along with their associated histograms.

Accessing the Data

This dataset is accessible via STMO by selecting from telemetry_aggregates.

The data is stored as a parquet table in S3 at the following address.


Data Reference

Example Queries

Here's an example query that shows the number of pings received per submission_date for the dimensions provided.

    SUM(count) AS pings
    channel = 'nightly'
    AND metric = 'GC_MS'
    AND aggregate_type = 'build_id'
    AND period = '201901'


Invalid Pings

We ignore invalid pings in our processing. Invalid pings are defined as those that:

  • The submission dates are invalid or missing.
  • The build ID is malformed.
  • The docType field is missing or unknown.
  • The build ID is older than a defined cutoff days. (See the BUILD_ID_CUTOFFS variable in the code for the max days per channel)


The telemetry_aggregates job is run daily, at midnight UTC. The job is scheduled on Airflow. The DAG is here


The telemetry_aggregates table has a set of dimensions and set of aggregates for those dimensions.

The partitioned dimensions are the following columns. Filtering by one of these fields to limit the resulting number of rows can run significantly faster:

  • metric is the name of the metric, like "GC_MS".
  • aggregate_type is the type of aggregation, either "build_id" or "submission_date", representing how this aggregation was grouped.
  • period is a string representing the month in YYYYMM format that a ping was submitted, like '201901'.

The rest of the dimensions are:

  • submission_date is the date pings were submitted for a particular aggregate.
  • channel is the channel, like release or beta.
  • version is the program version, like 46.0a1.
  • build_id is the YYYYMMDDhhmmss timestamp the program was built, like 20190123192837.
  • application is the program name, like Firefox or Fennec.
  • architecture is the architecture that the program was built for (not necessarily the one it is running on).
  • os is the name of the OS the program is running on, like Darwin or Windows_NT.
  • os_version is the version of the OS the program is running on.
  • key is the key of a keyed metric. This will be empty if the underlying metric is not a keyed metric.
  • process_type is the process the histogram was recorded in, like content or parent.

The aggregates are:

  • count is the aggregate sum of the number of pings per dimensions.
  • sum is the aggregate sum of the histogram values per dimensions.
  • histogram is the aggregated histogram per dimensions.