Static Datasets

Tables containing static data exist in the static dataset in BigQuery. These tables are generated from CSV files named data.csv in subdirectories of the sql/<project>/static/ directory in bigquery-etl.

Creating a Static Table

To create a new table, create a directory in sql/<project>/static/. This directory should be named whatever you wish the table to be named. Then, put a CSV file named data.csv in the directory. It is expected that the first line of data.csv is a header row containing the column names of the data.

e.g. In sql/moz-fx-data-shared-prod/static/new_table/data.csv:


An optional description.txt and schema.json can be added. description.txt will fill the description field in BigQuery. schema.json will set the schema of the table; if no schema is provided, it is assumed that all fields are nullable strings.

See country_names_v1 for an example.

To create the table in BigQuery, run script/publish_static.


Static tables can be created in any dataset in bigquery-etl. However, it is recommended for consistency and organization to keep them in the static dataset.