Firefox Data Documentation

This document will teach you how to use Firefox data to answer questions about our users. The source for this documentation can be found in this repo.

Using this document

This documentation is divided into four main sections:

Getting Started

This section provides a quick introduction to analyzing telemetry data. After reading these articles, you will be able to confidently perform analysis over telemetry data.

Data Collection and Datasets

Describes all available data we have on our users. For each dataset, we include a description of the dataset's purpose, what data is included, how the data is collected, and how you can change or augment the dataset. You do not need to read this section end-to-end.


Describes the tools we maintain to access and analyze user data. For each tool we include a description of the purpose, relative strengths and weaknesses, and what data you can access from the tool.

Cookbooks & Tutorials

This section contains tutorials presented in a simple problem/solution format.

Missing Documentation

We're writing documentation as fast as we can, but there's always going to be confusing or missing documentation. If you can't find what you need, please file a bug.

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