Firefox Data Documentation

This documentation is intended to help Mozilla's developers and data scientists analyze and interpret the data gathered by the Firefox Telemetry system.

At Mozilla, our data-gathering and data-handling practices are anchored in our Data Privacy Principles and elaborated in the Mozilla Privacy Policy. You can learn more about what data Firefox collects and the choices you can make as a Firefox user in the Firefox Privacy Notice.

If there's information missing from these docs, or if you'd like to contribute, see this article on contributing, and feel free to file a bug here.

The source for this documentation can be found in this repo.

Using this document

This documentation is divided into four main sections:

Getting Started

This section provides a quick introduction to analyzing telemetry data. After reading these articles, you will be able to confidently perform analysis over telemetry data.


Describes the tools we maintain to access and analyze product data.

Cookbooks & Tutorials

This section contains tutorials presented in a simple problem/solution format.

Data Collection and Datasets

Describes all available data we have from our products. For each dataset, we include a description of the dataset's purpose, what data is included, how the data is collected, and how you can change or augment the dataset. You do not need to read this section end-to-end.

You can find the fully-rendered documentation here, rendered with mdBook, and hosted on Github pages.