Experiment monitoring datasets

Experiment monitoring datasets are designed to power dashboards, such as Experiment Enrollment Grafana dashboard, for monitoring experiments in real time. Currently, datasets for monitoring the number or enrollments and number of searches performed by clients enrolled in experiments are available.

Experiment enrollment data

moz-fx-data-shared-prod.telemetry_derived.experiment_enrollment_aggregates_live_v1 provides enrollment, unenrollment, graduate, update and failure aggregates for experiments and branches over 5-minute intervals for Fenix and desktop experiments. This live view is also the basis of several derived views:

Dataset nameDescription
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_unenrollment_overallOverall number of clients that unenrolled from experiments
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_enrollment_other_events_overallNumber of events other than enroll and unenroll sent by clients
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_enrollment_cumulative_population_estimateCumulative number of clients enrolled in experiments
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_enrollment_overallOverall number of clients enrolled in experiments
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_enrollment_daily_active_populationNumber of daily active clients enrolled in experiments

Experiment search metrics data

moz-fx-data-shared-prod.telemetry_derived.experiment_search_aggregates_live_v1 provides aggregated search metrics of clients enrolled in Fenix and desktop experiments, such as the number of searches performed, the number of searches with ads and the number of ad clicks. This live view is also the basis of several derived views:

Dataset nameDescription
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_cumulative_ad_clicksCumulative number of ad clicks by clients enrolled in experiments
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_cumulative_search_countCumulative number of searches by clients enrolled in experiments
mozdata.telemetry.experiment_cumulative_search_with_ads_countCumulative number of searches with ads by clients enrolled in experiments

Derived dataset

The derived views have the following schema:

Column nameTypeDescription
timeTIMESTAMPTimestamp when value was recorded
branchSTRINGExperiment branch
experimentSTRINGExperiment slug
valueINT64Aggregated value

As an example of how these views can be used, the following query determines the number of cumulative clients enrolled in a the multi-stage-aboutwelcome-set-default-as-first-screen experiment to date in each branch of a study:

    SUM(value) AS total_enrolled
FROM `mozdata.telemetry.experiment_enrollment_cumulative_population_estimate`
WHERE experiment = 'multi-stage-aboutwelcome-set-default-as-first-screen'

GCS data export

As some dashboard solutions, such as the Experimenter console, might not have access to BigQuery, data from derived experiment monitoring views is also exported as JSON to monitoring/ in the mozanalysis bucket in moz-fx-data-experiments. JSON files are named like: <experiment_slug>_<monitoring_dataset_name>.json, for example: gs://mozanalysis/monitoring/bug-1683348-rollout-tab-modal-print-ui-roll-out-release-84-85_experiment_unenrollment_overall.json

A script for exporting this data is scheduled to run via Airflow every 5 minutes.


To keep the cost low for retrieving live monitoring data, BigQuery materialized views have been set up. These materialized views read delta changes from the base live tables to compute up-to-date results every 5 minutes.

As materialized views do not support UNION ALL, separate materialized views are deployed for legacy desktop telemetry and every Fenix related dataset.

Materialized views for experiment enrollment events:

  • org_mozilla_fenix_derived.experiment_events_live_v1
  • org_mozilla_firefox_derived.experiment_events_live_v1
  • org_mozilla_firefox_beta_derived.experiment_events_live_v1
  • telemetry_derived.experiment_events_live_v1

The moz-fx-data-shared-prod.telemetry_derived.experiment_enrollment_aggregates_live_v1 view combines data of the past 2 days from all of the materialized views for experiment enrollments with data older than 2 days from telemetry_derived.experiment_enrollment_aggregates_v1.

Materialized view for search metrics:

  • org_mozilla_fenix_derived.experiment_search_events_live_v1
  • org_mozilla_firefox_derived.experiment_search_events_live_v1
  • org_mozilla_firefox_beta_derived.experiment_search_events_live_v1
  • telemetry_derived.experiment_search_events_live_v1

The moz-fx-data-shared-prod.telemetry_derived.experiment_search_aggregates_live_v1 view combines data of the past 2 days from all of the materialized views for search metrics with data older than 2 days from telemetry_derived.search_aggregates_v1.

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