Addon usage by client, partitioned by day.

Data Reference

This dataset contains one or more records for every entry in the main ping table that contain a non-null value for client_id. Each Addons record contains info for a single addon, or if the main ping did not contain any active addons, there will be a row with nulls for all the addon fields (to identify client_ids/records without any addons).


This dataset is updated daily via the telemetry-airflow infrastructure. The job DAG runs every day after the Main Summary data has been generated. The DAG defined in dags/

Code Reference

This dataset is generated by BigQuery ETL. The query that generates the dataset is sql/moz-fx-data-shared-prod/telemetry_derived/addons_v2/query.sql.

You may find the environment reference in The Firefox Source Documentation helpful for understanding the source data.