Here we provide definitions and information about our standard metrics.

Table of contents with links to all metrics.

{{Metric name}}

TL;DR: two sentence max.

E.g: MAU counts the number of distinct users we see over a 28-day period. Desktop and Mobile MAU are both corporate KPIs for 2020.

  • Overview:
  • What the metric measures
  • Calculation:
  • Definitions for both Mobile and Desktop, if applicable.
  • What is the easiest way to calculate this metric? E.g. MAU over clients_last_seen.
  • At least one working definition
  • Link to a scheduled re:dash query (link with stmocli?)
  • Possibly an API-linked graph from STMO
  • If it’s non-obvious, examples for how to stratify. E.g. calculating MAU from clients_daily
  • Common Issues: Failures and Gotchas
  • Resources
  • Link to the STMO query from Definition section
  • Notable dashboards for the metric
  • Similar metrics

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