Documentation Structure

The directory structure is meant to feel comfortable for those familiar with the data platform:

   |--datasets - contains dataset level documentation
   |--tools - contains tool level documentation
   |--concepts - contains tutorials meant to introduce a new concept to the reader
   |--cookbooks - focused code examples for reference

The prose documentation is meant to take the reader from beginner to expert. To this end, the rendered documentation has an order different from the directory structure:

  • Getting Started: Get some simple analysis completed so the user understands the amount of work involved / what the product feels like
  • Tutorials
    • Data Tutorials: tutorials meant to give the reader a complete understanding of a specific dataset. Start with a high level overview, then move on to completely document the data including Data source, Sampling, Common Issues, and where the reader can find the code.
    • Tools tutorials: Tutorials meant to introduce a single data tool or analysis best practice.
  • Cookbooks
  • Reference material - TBD