Error Aggregates Reference


The error_aggregates table represents counts of errors counted from main and crash pings, aggregated every 5 minutes. It is the dataset backing the main mission control view, but may also be queried independently.


The error_aggregates table contains counts of various error measures (for example: crashes, "the slow script dialog showing"), aggregated across each unique set of dimensions (for example: channel, operating system) every 5 minutes. You can get an aggregated count for any particular set of dimensions by summing using SQL.

Accessing the data

You can access the data via re:dash. Choose Athena and then select the telemetry.error_aggregates table.

Further Reading

The code responsible for generating this dataset is here.

Data Reference

Example Queries

Getting a large number of different crash measures across many platforms and channels (view on Re:dash):

SELECT window_start,
       sum(usage_hours) AS usage_hours,
       sum(main_crashes) AS main,
       sum(content_crashes) AS content,
       sum(gpu_crashes) AS gpu,
       sum(plugin_crashes) AS plugin,
       sum(gmplugin_crashes) AS gmplugin
FROM telemetry.error_aggregates
  WHERE application = 'Firefox'
  AND (os_name = 'Darwin' or os_name = 'Linux' or os_name = 'Windows_NT')
  AND (channel = 'beta' or channel = 'release' or channel = 'nightly' or channel = 'esr')
  AND build_id > '201801'
  AND window_start > current_timestamp - (1 * interval '24' hour)
GROUP BY window_start, channel, build_id, version, os_name

Get the number of main_crashes on Windows over a small interval (view on Re:dash):

SELECT window_start as time, sum(main_crashes) AS main_crashes
FROM telemetry.error_aggregates_v1
  WHERE application = 'Firefox'
  AND os_name = 'Windows_NT'
  AND channel = 'release'
  AND version = '58.0.2'
  AND window_start > timestamp '2018-02-21'
  AND window_end < timestamp '2018-02-22'
GROUP BY window_start


Data sources

The aggregates in this data source are derived from main and crash pings. Crash pings are only used to count/gather main crash events, all other errors (including all other crashes) are gathered from main pings.


The error_aggregates job is run continuously, using the Spark Streaming infrastructure


The error_aggregates table has the following columns which define its dimensions:

  • window_start: Beginning of interval when this sample was taken
  • window_end: End of interval when this sample was taken (will always be 5 minutes more than window_start for any given row)
  • channel: the channel, like release or beta
  • version: the version e.g. 57.0.1
  • display_version: like version, but includes beta number if applicable e.g. 57.0.1b4
  • build_id: the YYYYMMDDhhmmss timestamp the program was built, like 20160123180541. This is also known as the build ID or buildid
  • application: application name (e.g. Firefox)
  • os_name: name of the OS (e.g. Darwin or Windows_NT)
  • os_version: version of the OS
  • country: country code for the user (determined using geoIP), like US or UK
  • experiment_id: identifier of the experiment being participated in, such as, or null if no experiment
  • experiment_branch: the branch of the experiment being participated in, such as control or experiment, or null if no experiment
  • e10s_enabled: whether E10s is enabled
  • gfx_compositor: the graphics backend compositor used by the program, such as d3d11, opengl and simple. Null values may be reported as none as well
  • quantum_ready: whether the ping was submitted from an instance of Firefox that was Quantum-ready (i.e. no old-style addons)

And these are the various measures we are counting:

  • usage_hours: number of usage hours (i.e. total number of hours of usage reported by the pings in this aggregate)
  • main_crashes: number of main process crashes (or just program crashes, in the non-e10s case)
  • content_crashes: number of content process crashes
  • plugin_crashes: number of plugin process crashes
  • gmplugin_crashes: number of Gecko media plugin (often abbreviated GMPlugin) process crashes
  • content_shutdown_crashes: number of content process crashes that were caused by failure to shut down in a timely manner (should always be less than the number of content_crashes)
  • gpu_crashes: number of GPU process crashes
  • browser_shim_usage_blocked: number of times a CPOW shim was blocked from being created by browser code
  • permissions_sql_corrupted: number of times the permissions SQL error occurred (beta/nightly only)
  • defective_permissions_sql_removed: number of times there was a removal of defective permissions.sqlite (beta/nightly only)
  • slow_script_notice_count: number of times the slow script notice count was shown (beta/nightly only)
  • slow_script_page_count: number of pages that trigger slow script notices (beta/nightly only)

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