Search Clients Daily


search_clients_daily is designed to enable client-level search analyses. Querying this dataset can be slow; consider using search_aggregates for coarse analyses.


search_clients_daily has one row for each unique combination of: (client_id, submission_date, engine, source).

In addition to the standard search count aggregations, this dataset includes some descriptive data for each client. For example, we include country and channel for each row of data. In the event that a client sends multiple pings on a given submission_date we choose an arbitrary value from the pings for that (client_id, submission_date), unless otherwise noted.

There are three standard search count aggregation columns: sap, tagged-sap, and tagged-follow-on. Note that, if there were no such searches in a row's segment (i.e. the count would be 0), the column value is null. Each of these columns represent different types of searches. For more details, see the search data documentation

Background and Caveats

search_clients_daily does not include (client_id submission_date) pairs if we did not receive a ping for that submission_date or if the ping contained no searches. In other words, This dataset does not include client_ids that do not search. Note: pings with no searches can be identified in main_summary using the condition where search_counts is null.

Accessing the Data

Access to search_clients_daily is heavily restricted. You will not be able to access this table without additional permissions. For more details see the search data documentation.

Data Reference

Example Queries

This query calculates searches per normalized_channel for US clients on an arbitrary day. If you have trouble viewing this query, it's likely you don't have the proper permissions. For more details see the search data documentation.


This dataset is not currently scheduled.


As of 2018-02-13, the current version of search_clients_daily is v1, and has a schema as follows. It's backfilled through 2016-06-07

 |-- client_id: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- submission_date: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- engine: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- source: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- country: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- app_version: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- distribution_id: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- locale: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- search_cohort: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- addon_version: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- os: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- channel: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- profile_creation_date: long (nullable = true) 
 |-- default_search_engine: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- default_search_engine_data_load_path: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- default_search_engine_data_submission_url: string (nullable = true) 
 |-- sessions_started_on_this_day: long (nullable = true) 
 |-- profile_age_in_days: integer (nullable = true) 
 |-- subsession_hours_sum: double (nullable = true) 
 |-- active_addons_count_mean: double (nullable = true) 
 |-- max_concurrent_tab_count_max: integer (nullable = true) 
 |-- tab_open_event_count_sum: long (nullable = true) 
 |-- active_hours_sum: double (nullable = true) 
 |-- tagged-sap: long (nullable = true) 
 |-- tagged-follow-on: long (nullable = true) 
 |-- sap: long (nullable = true)

Code Reference

The search_clients_daily job is defined in python_mozetl

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