Crash Summary Reference


The crash_summary table is the most direct representation of a crash ping.


The crash_summary table contains one row for each crash ping. Each column represents one field from the crash ping payload, though only a subset of all crash ping fields are included.

Accessing the Data

The data is stored as a parquet table in S3 at the following address.


crash_summary is accessible through re:dash. Here's an example query.

Further Reading

The technical documentation for crash_summary is located in the telemetry-batch-view documentation.

The code responsible for generating this dataset is here

Data Reference

Example Queries

Here is an example query to get the total number of main crashes by gfx_compositor:

select gfx_compositor, count(*)
from crash_summary
where application = 'Firefox'
and (payload.processType IS NULL OR payload.processType = 'main')
group by gfx_compositor


CrashSummary contains one record for every crash ping submitted by Firefox.


This dataset is updated daily, shortly after midnight UTC. The job is scheduled on telemetry-airflow. The DAG is here.


 |-- client_id: string (nullable = true)
 |-- normalized_channel: string (nullable = true)
 |-- build_version: string (nullable = true)
 |-- build_id: string (nullable = true)
 |-- channel: string (nullable = true)
 |-- crash_time: string (nullable = true)
 |-- application: string (nullable = true)
 |-- os_name: string (nullable = true)
 |-- os_version: string (nullable = true)
 |-- architecture: string (nullable = true)
 |-- country: string (nullable = true)
 |-- experiment_id: string (nullable = true)
 |-- experiment_branch: string (nullable = true)
 |-- experiments: map (nullable = true)
 |    |-- key: string
 |    |-- value: string (valueContainsNull = true)
 |-- e10s_enabled: boolean (nullable = true)
 |-- gfx_compositor: string (nullable = true)
 |-- profile_created: integer (nullable = true)
 |-- payload: struct (nullable = true)
 |    |-- crashDate: string (nullable = true)
 |    |-- processType: string (nullable = true)
 |    |-- hasCrashEnvironment: boolean (nullable = true)
 |    |-- metadata: map (nullable = true)
 |    |    |-- key: string
 |    |    |-- value: string (valueContainsNull = true)
 |    |-- version: integer (nullable = true)
 |-- submission_date: string (nullable = true)

For more detail on where these fields come from in the raw data, please look at the case classes in the CrashSummaryView code.