Creating Your Own Dataset to Query in re:dash

  1. Create a spark notebook that does the transformations you need, either on raw data (using Dataset API) or on parquet data
  2. Output the results of that to an S3 location, usually telemetry-parquet/user/$YOUR_DATASET/v$VERSION_NUMBER/submission_date=$YESTERDAY/. This would partition by submission_date, meaning each day this runs and is outputted to a new location in S3. Do NOT put the submission_date in the parquet file as well! A column name cannot also be the name of a partition.
  3. Using this template, open a bug to load the dataset in Presto with the following attributes:
    • Assigned to :robotblake
    • Title: "Add Dataset to Presto"
    • Content: Location of the dataset and the desired table name

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