Using the Glean debug ping view

What is this good for?

Glean Debug Ping View enables you to easily see in real-time what data your mobile application is sending through Glean.

This data is what actually arrives in our data pipeline, shown in a web interface that is automatically updated when new data arrives.

What setup is needed for applications?

You can use the debug view for all our mobile applications that use Glean (and enable it), including those installed from the app store. To enable this you need to run a command in adb that tags the outgoing data as "debug data". You will provide a debug tag, which makes it easier to identify your device in the web interface.

adb shell am start -n <application-id>/mozilla.components.service.glean.debug.GleanDebugActivity \
  --ez logPings true \
  --es sendPing baseline \
  --es tagPings my-debug-tag

my-debug-tag is what will help you identify your data in the web interface, while <application-id> is the application identifier as declared in the manifest (e.g. org.mozilla.reference.browser). The debug commands are documented in more detail in the Glean documentation.

Supported applications

As for now, the following application ids are supported:

  • org.mozilla.fenix
  • org.mozilla.reference.browser
  • org.mozilla.samples.glean
  • ... and some debug versions of the above applications.

Where can I see the data?

The data is provided in this web interface. It lists all recently active devices and updates automatically. You can use your debug identifier to quickly identify your own testing data.

Any data sent from a mobile device usually shows up within 10 seconds, updating the pages automatically.

Can you give me an example?

For example to send a baseline ping immediately from the Reference Browser, with a debug identifier of johndoe-test1:

adb shell am start -n org.mozilla.reference.browser/mozilla.components.service.glean.debug.GleanDebugActivity \
  --es sendPing baseline \
  --es tagPings johndoe-test1

baseline pings are also sent automatically by Glean when the application goes to the background. So to check these you can set the tag:

adb shell am start -n org.mozilla.reference.browser/mozilla.components.service.glean.debug.GleanDebugActivity \
  --es tagPings johndoe-test1

Now whenever you put the application in the background, a baseline ping should show up in the web interface.

If you triggered some event recording and want to confirm them you can use the events

adb shell am start -n org.mozilla.reference.browser/mozilla.components.service.glean.debug.GleanDebugActivity \
  --es sendPing events \
  --es tagPings johndoe-test1

Note: Glean will always attempt to collect data for the ping that was requested using the sendPing command line switch. However, if no data is recorded by the application, nothing will be sent. The baseline ping is guaranteed to always be sent, since it’s populated by Glean itself.


Some important things to watch out for (see also the Glean SDK documentation):

  • Options that are set using the adb flags are not immediately reset and will persist until the application is closed or manually reset.

  • There are a couple of different ways in which to send pings through the GleanDebugActivity:

    1. You can use the GleanDebugActivity in order to tag pings and trigger them manually using the UI. This should always produce a ping with all required fields.
    2. You can use the GleanDebugActivity to tag and send pings. This has the side effect of potentially sending a ping which does not include all fields because sendPings triggers pings to be sent before certain application behaviors can occur which would record that information. For example, duration is not calculated or included in a baseline ping sent with sendPing because it forces the ping to be sent before the duration metric has been recorded.


If nothing is showing up on the dashboard, it would be useful to check the following:

  • If adb logcat reports ”Glean must be enabled before sending pings.” right after calling the GleanDebugActivity, then the application has disabled Glean. Please check with the application team on how to fix that.
  • If no error is reported when triggering tagged pings, but the data won't show up on the dashboard, check if the used <application-id> is the same expected by the Glean pipeline (i.e. the one used to publish the application on the Play Store).
  • Fenix and the reference-browser debug builds currently don't enable Glean. You could override this in local builds.

Questions? Problems?

Reach out to Alessio Placitelli (:dexter) or Arkadiusz Komarzewski (:akomar) in #glean on slack or send an email to